Reaching Catharsis

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Reaching Catharsis by @jcstaff_

While they are sleeping,
I switch off my mind
making thinking stop.
While they are sleeping,
self-hatred flourishes
self-despising glows.
While they are sleeping,
I want to vanish
I wish I could – and
sometimes, it hurts.
While they are sleeping,
purging my sorrows
until emptiness returns;
strange comfort consumes me.
While they are sleeping,
the satisfaction settles me
as cleansing washes over.
Catharsis reached, once more.
Then I can sleep.

Tell Me The Truth

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Tell Me The Truth – by JC Staff

Morning chases night’s moon
I awake, drinking you in again
With trepid uncertainty

Distorting reality is your game
Why do you play with my mind?
I want you to tell me the truth

It hurts when you say one thing,
And in the next moment, another
A weathervane on the roof of “Now”

Others speak to me of your corruption
I cannot keep pace with your lies
I want you to tell me the truth

I turn away. Your trickery lures me back
I keep watching as you transform
Subtle: something there, then gone

Deceit swims in the dark waters around us
Why am I fighting your constant conjuring?
I want you to tell me the truth

Feeling lost between reality and
Your twisted shape of the truth.
I want to escape your poisoned illusions.

How can you control me like you do?
After all, I know the truth:
You are merely