We Told You…


We Told You….. by JC Staff

I have my hands pressed over my ears tightly so I cannot hear your vitriol and tripe
Your rebuttals shrink and wither the second they leave your lips, like a three-day-old balloon becoming flaccid when touched
My eyes are shut tightly, your snide, sarcastic jibes, always tinged with aggression, sometimes saturated, will no longer leak into my space, flood my screen, or invade my aura
You have finished pushing your way in to help yourself
To take, to harm, to abuse, to violate – to meet your wants
Satiating your desires at the expense of us all, with no remorse
I have had enough of your voice, and all the others, denying my truths
I am not listening; I am refusing to listen now, your words are like empty envelopes
You are relentless, it’s true
But my tenacity in this quest to silence your power once and for all, is greater than your energy to make me pay attention to your misogynistic drivel
Petulance, you say? Perhaps.
I am stamping my feet now to shake the ground beneath you
If that does not stop you, I can make thunder with my tongue
To silence your patriarchal assertions of entitlement and objectification
You are not justified, you never have been
I will make you hear me in the end
Leave me be; I will turn my back
I will not walk away because you have not won, and you will never win
Remaining fierce with my heels firmly planted, immutable, unshakable
I am going to have the final word.
Because we told you,
Survivors in the millions,
Driven by collective passion
And a bravery unparalleled,
Stood up around the globe;
We held hands and shouted
So now you need to listen
We told you:
Time’s Up.

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